Brilliant Inventor Brings Vision to Life

Eli Devices produces gismos that make people go through their daily lives just a little bit easier. From direct fruit sprays to beer tap specifically made for any home, they have it all. These small insignificant yet useful gadgets have people wanting for more because Eli Devices provides its customers with tools, they never thought they needed.   

Although these creative gadgets are more than handy for an average person, it is incredibly innovative that it needs to be made with a special type of tool that can’t be found in any store. Because it cannot be found anywhere, Eli Devices needs to sketch the tool themselves and with Market Hammer’s services, they have found a manufacturer that reaches their expectations.   

For a company whose values are to have top-notch gadgets, Market Hammer was the right platform for them. Multiple manufacturers accepted their requests and were able to send samples to verify the production, therefore achieved the right standard for the requested tool.   

Eli Devices now collaborates with numerous manufacturers to build new gadgets. 

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