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How long will it take to receive my order?

The duration will be based on the selected shipping method. Check-in with the supplier regarding the shipping status. If the shipment was sent by express, you could track the shipment on 17TRACK with the tracking number.  

The goods receipt can be checked manually through the order system every time you have received the goods.

If the receipt was not confirmed manually then the system will confirm it automatically. 

(i) by express: 15 days; 

Note: If the system detects the shipment is still on the way after 15 days, it will extend the delivery time by 10 days more. In case the shipment is delivered within the next 10 days, the system will confirm receipt immediately.

(ii) by air freight: 30 days; 
(iii) by land transportation, sea freight or postal parcel: 60 days; 
(iv) from overseas warehouse: 10 days. 

Please note that you can still apply for a refund up to 30 calendar days after you confirm the receipt of the goods. 

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