From Pet Owner to Business Owner

Pet Pal Supplies owners never considered putting up a shop for pet supplies but when they came up with an idea for their dog to drink water easier, their family and friends found potential in selling their little invention. After its success with their furry friend, they agreed to try and sell the nifty dog water fountain to other people and became a hit to fellow pet owners.   

Due to the high demand for their invention, they needed to improve their productivity. Including a new design for the pet water fountain so cats may also be able to use it. Since there are modifications for the device, they needed assistance. They stumbled upon Market Hammer and discovered more than what they needed. Using Market Hammer’s services, they were able to contact manufacturers to produce the materials at a fast pace so they can assemble the water fountain themselves and sell it immediately.  

Thanks to Market Hammer, Pet Pal Supplies was able to build their invention even faster and learned to optimize their time and money. Their pet shop now offers a variety of pet gadgets to local and global customers.    

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