Local Designer, A Massive Hit

Malone Co. was merely a small and simple idea from a local designer who intended to share their passion with the world. With family, friends, and a couple of strangers who found Malone Co.’s designs to be more than interesting, this local designer was happy to have provided joy for these few individuals.  

However, despite the overwhelming ideas for new styles, Malone Co. was limited in its equipment. Particular materials were hard to find locally and even globally. But because with the help of Market Hammer, Malone Co. was able to find an ideal manufacturer to produce the exact material that they were looking for.   

Not only have they found convenience in sourcing materials since joining Market Hammer, but they have also expanded their market reach by locating the right type of customers with Market Hammer’s filter tools.   

Malone Co. continues to grow and is now accepting orders internationally. 

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