Market Hammer connects you to various buyers and a larger-scale market .

Begin Promotion

Now that you are officially a part of Market Hammer, it is time for you to explore the market.

Step 1

Set up your account

Fill in the necessary details and make sure you have established information that buyers will see you as a trusted client.

Step 2

Broadcast your services

Post all of what your company can do to capture buyer’s interest. The more services you post, the greater chances you have of attracting more customers.

Step 3

Respond to your clients

A responsive supplier is one of the things buyer’s look for in a potential partner. Market Hammer will provide a tool where you are able to negotiate with your buyers exclusively.

Create relationships with buyers

Market Hammer provides tools that will help you and your buyer to stay connected at all times

Cultivate connections

Cultivating connections will go a long way for you and your business. Don’t stop at just one deal, you can offer more of your other services as well.

Sales Assessment

Keep an eye out on your progress. See how it’s going in the market and take notes of the reviews buyers are saying about your company’s capabilities.

Organize your Account

As a client, you will need to consistently manage your business and keep up with more inquiries and orders.