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Local Designer, A Massive Hit

Malone Co. was merely a small and simple idea from a local designer who intended to share their passion with the world. With family, friends, and a couple of strangers who found Malone Co.’s designs to be more than interesting, this local designer was happy to have provided joy for these

Brilliant Inventor Brings Vision to Life

Eli Devices produces gismos that make people go through their daily lives just a little bit easier. From direct fruit sprays to beer tap specifically made for any home, they have it all. These small insignificant yet useful gadgets have people wanting for more because Eli Devices provides its

From Pet Owner to Business Owner

Pet Pal Supplies owners never considered putting up a shop for pet supplies but when they came up with an idea for their dog to drink water easier, their family and friends found potential in selling their little invention. After its success with their furry friend, they agreed to try and

Apparel Brand Finds Success in the Worldwide Market

Misa Closet creates clothes with a unique sense of style. Its exclusive design cannot be found in any other apparel store.    Although the business attracted a massive market, most of the customers come from different parts of the country. Misa Closet, who was surprised and delighted

Makeup Company Boosts Deals

Anya’s Makeup offers a variety of makeup accessories including foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and many more. They started locally and gained more recognition as they added more products to their brand.    The company discovered that Market Hammer could increase their sales by

Tech Shop Expands Its Horizons

Audio Tech came to fruition one day when they customized their speakers just for fun. When one of their colleagues saw the newly designed speaker, they were willing to pay a good amount of money if Audio Tech can customize their own speaker too. And as they did so, news of Audio Tech’s speaker

Toy Store Goes International

Tina’s Toy Store was only selling stuffed toys online. The store was able to come up with enough capital to expand its business.    They found Market Hammer’s services to be the precise instrument for their bigger vision. With Market Hammer, they simply submitted a request, and

Office Supplies Store Grows to a Global Reach

Belcher’s Store was once a small shop in a neighborhood that sold office supplies to local offices and school supplies to students.   But as their business grew, so did their vision to sell more supplies and enlarge their market. The store established an online store through Market