Tech Shop Expands Its Horizons

Audio Tech came to fruition one day when they customized their speakers just for fun. When one of their colleagues saw the newly designed speaker, they were willing to pay a good amount of money if Audio Tech can customize their own speaker too. And as they did so, news of Audio Tech’s speaker customization services spread within their neighborhood. It wasn’t long until the company decided to officially offer their amenities to the public. 

Though Audio Tech’s reputation was widely spread, it has staggeringly increased the demand, therefore they were unable to meet every single request. Seeing as they didn’t want to miss another opportunity, the company decided to find manufacturers on Market Hammer that can produce the parts for their speaker.  

Audio Tech can now meet all the customer inquiries on time and has created a new market across the world. Through Market Hammer, the company was able to add more improvements with original designed materials and has established a good relationship with many manufacturers.  

Since then, Audio Tech offers customization for other computer accessories and creates their own brand of devices.  

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